Locally Canned Meat will Be Sent to The Needy Worldwide

The Mennonite Central Committee will hold its meat canner starting Monday and wrapping up Wednesday.

Committee spokesman Abe Landes says it’s a mobile unit that will pull into 737 Hagey Drive in Souderton to cook the meat and can it. He says, everything that’s needed is in place.

“24,000 pounds of meat and this will give us 16,000 cans. There’s eight protein meals per can. People can mix it with their cabbage or rice or whatever the local food is in their part of the world and this will give 128,000 meals in three days.”

Landes, a guest on WNPV’s AM Edition Friday, says the total cost is 45,000 for the meat, cans, and boxing. The canned meat will be good for three years without being refrigerated. Landes says, volunteers come from Bucks and Montgomery Counties to take part in the meat canner. He adds, the cans of meat will be distributed around the world.