Gardner Wins Drug and Alcohol Billboard Competition

Montgomery County officials have a winner for their third annual Drug and Alcohol Billboard Competition.

Program Representative Pam Schaible made the announcement at the meeting of the County Commissioners Thursday.

“All high schools were invited to participate and 42 entries were received. After two weeks of public voting in which 2,517 were received, we had a winner by a long shot. Holly Gardner from North Penn High School is the winner of this year’s contest.”

Gardner won with a depiction of pills and a trash can on a black background. Gardner’s theme, in white capital letters was, Throw Them Away Before They Take You Away. Gardner says her entry grew out of another project.

“It was a PSA assignment and it just happened to be during the time of the contest that was going on so I submitted it just to see what would happen.”

The winning entry will be displayed on digital and static billboards as well as in transit shelters across Montgomery county starting Friday.