Flyers P.A. Announcer Authors Book About His Time with Team

Lou Nolan, the Philadelphia Flyers public address announcer since the 1972-73 season he’s authored a book about his time with the team called, If These Walls Could Talk.

Nolan says, The fog new how to get things going

“Fred Shero, God Bless him, greatest coach in our history. If things were flat, over the boards would come Bob Kelly, boom, boom, boom, boom. Four hits, back when referees allowed hits.”

Nolan adds, he’s still having fun and he’s not counting out the 2018 Flyers as they prepare to take on the Pittsburgh Penguins, who have won back to back Stanley cups.

“Another sharp young bunch of guys hoping they’re talented enough to move ahead in the next round and ya never know. I guess the unknown is the goalies.”

Lou Nolan was a guest on WNPV’s Comment Please By Univest Tuesday.