Upheavals in 1st Day of Bill Cosby’s Sex Assault Trial

Prosecutors punctuated their opening argument wit a bombshell.

Montgomery County D.A. Kevin Steele revealed Bill Cosby paid accuser Andrea Constand almost 3.4 million dollars to settle the civil suit brought against him for allegedly drugging and molesting her more than 14 years ago. Steele put the number before the jury to suggest Cosby would not have paid out as much as he did if the accusations against him were false. Earlier Monday Judge Steven O’Neill ruled the jury would not remove a juror. The defense had filed a motion to replace juror number 11 because he had allegedly indicated that his mind as made up about Cosby’s guilt. The defense will make its opening statements Tuesday and is expected to describe Andrea Constand as someone driven by greed after receiving the large civil payment. Before Bill Cosby and his law team could enter the courtroom Monday, a topless protestor jumped in front of them with the words, “Women’s Lives Matter” painted on her. The woman has been identified as Nicolle Rochelle. The 39 year old resident of Little Falls, New Jersey, is an actor who appeared on episodes of the Cosby Show. Rochelle was charged with disorderly conduct.