Safe Schools Community Forum Held at NP High School

There was a public forum at North Penn High School Wednesday night that focused on school safety.

A panel of experts answered questions about measures designed to make district facilities more secure. There were also questions about the proactive steps officials are taking to help troubled students. A 10th grade student at the high school said he had been falsely accused of things in the past and he wondered how he would be protected from the same thing going forward. Upper Gwynedd Township Police Chief David Duffy addressed his concern.

“From a law enforcement perspective, we have to follow up on any information that we’re given that could be considered an accusation from our perspective it’s not, we’re just doing an investigation. I just say that we intensely follow up on information that we are given on a possible threat.”

Another student asked why he is unable to gain access into school with his id card like staff members can. District Coordinator of Emergency Management Chris Doerr thought that wad a good idea.

“I spoke a little bit about our improved visitor management and a piece of that is, how can we leverage the things that both students and staff use everyday like your ID to make it more useful. We’re still in some situations relying upon pen and paper for sign ins and sign outs and I would just assume us streamline that.”

The forum got some attention from outside of the district. Wissahickon School Board Member Ron Stoloff attended to take some ideas back with him.