Bucks Lawmaker Proposes Hotline For School Safety

The State House Judiciary Committee is expected to conclude its hearings Tuesday on gun bills.

26 gun bills have been proposed during the current legislative session and some date back to last year. Bucks County Republican State Rep. Frank Farry favors the Commonwealth modeling a tip line after Colorado’s “Safe To Tell” tip line to confront the incidents of school shootings.

“And that tip line is not just a phone number, it’s also web based an it’s also an app. When I met with our students to get their thoughts on things, they really appreciate that they could have an app where they push a button, they can go to the tip line and they could provide information of somebody Tweeting out things or posting on Facebook a potentially dangerous act.”

Farry adds, it’s vitally important to learn from the mass shooting in Parkland, Florida. He says tips in Florida were not sent to the right people. The tip line he’s proposing, would go to the State Police and then to local authorities, but State Police would have authority to take measures to investigate any threat.