New Contract For Police Officers in Lansdale

Borough Council approved it Wednesday night.

The agreement includes salary increases of 13-percent over the life of the four year deal. Council President Denton Burnell says it also requires the 21 police officers covered by the contract to contribute more toward the cost of their benefits package.

“It increases the health insurance outlay per pay from 25 dollars, which it currently is, all the way up to 50 essentially doubling that contribution through the end of the contact. It limits some of their disability. It increases their retirement pension benefit outlay from 3 ½ to 4 ½ half percent at the end of the term period.”

There’s other police news out of the Lansdale Borough Council meeting. Lieutenant Ryan Devlin took the oath and formally assumed his new rank. Borough Council promoted him from Sergeant last month but Devlin has been part of the new command structure in the Police Department since retirements created vacancies at the top last year.

“I treat them like family, not employees, which makes it a better work environment and they are truly my family when I say that.”

Devlin has been a member of the Borough Police Department for 22-years and a Sergeant since 2011.