Ellsworth Talks School Safety and Business Plan For Pa.

Three Republican candidates will run in the May primary.

One of the candidates is Laura Ellsworth, a Pittsburgh based attorney. Ellsworth, a guest on WNPV’s Comment Please by Univest Wednesday, says school safety could be solved with a savings to law enforcement.

“We know that our law enforcement people and our State Troopers are facing budget problems of their own. I would find a way to find a corner of some our school buildings and I would place a Trooper station or local police station there and I would put all of the police cars right out in front of the school. I would reduce the cost of the law enforcement people by sharing a school building that we’re already paying for with tax dollars.”

Ellsworth, if elected, would also develop a ten year plan for the Commonwealth to create a visual representation of what Pennsylvania should look like in a decade, based on economic conditions and job growth.