Kick Starting Redevelopment in Vacant Shopping Center

A zoning ordinance amendment has been proposed that would allow age restricted residential housing on 19-acres of empty land in the SKF office complex adjacent the Towamencin Village Shopping Center at Allentown and Forty Foot roads.

The idea is to kick start the redevelopment of the largely vacant shopping center with foot traffic from the residential community. Philadelphia Suburban Development Corporation owns both the shopping center and the office complex. Vice President Mark Nicoletti put the proposal before the Township Supervisors Wednesday night.

“The shopping center is going to change dramatically. We may spend as much as five million dollars renovating the shopping center with the new facades and parking lot area. The new lighting, landscaping and signs. We’re only going to have to take down a small little section to connect the roads between the red light at Allentown road and the new red light at Forty Foot road.”

The Township Supervisors gave the proposal a positive reception and Nicoletti looks forward to working on the zoning ordinance amendment with Township officials starting next week.