Women Who Say Cosby Abused Them Likely to Be at Sentencing

Prominent Lansdale defense attorney Marc Steinberg says Judge Steven O’Neill is known for strictly following standard sentencing guidelines.

Steinberg expects Cosby to receive jail time as part of the sentence.

“Judge O’Neill may augment that a little bit because of the likelihood of what will be presented by Kevin Steele and the prosecution. I think they’re going to bring a lot of these women to testify at the time of sentencing as to how they were abused by Cosby because now it does become relevant for sentencing purposes.”

Steinberg, a guest on WNPV’s AM Edition Friday, says the appeals process could take two years when considering where the case will end up, possibly in both state and federal courts. Steinberg says, based on Judge O’Neill’s ruling allowing Cosby to return to his Cheltenham Township home after the verdict, he’s not likely to order him to report to prison while the appeals process makes its way through the court system.