Author of New Hillary Clinton Memoir on WNPV

A new memoir called “Chasing Hillary” about Hillary Clinton, authored by New York Times writer Amy Chozik, cites facts about Clinton and her life with former President Bill Clinton that people might not know.

Chozik says, she can see the cynics rolling their eyes, but she adds, the Clinton’s are affectionate with each other.

“I saw it first hand when I was on their plane and Bill had his arm around Hillary and seemed very proud of what she was doing. I also saw hi send her flowers on Valentine’s Day, so there is something between them in private that the public doesn’t often see.”

Chozik, a guest on WNPV’s Comment Please By Univest Monday afternoon says, another fact about Hillary Clinton is her deep belief in her Methodist faith, which she tapped into during the difficult moments when she had to cope with her husband’s various affairs with other women.