Bucks County State Rep. Supports Severance Tax

Governor Wolf is calling for a natural gas severance tax.

The Governor was joined by House and Senate members Monday from both parties in calling for a tax that would preserve the current impact fee. Bucks County State Rep. Bernie O’Neill, Chairman of the House Finance Committee says, an increasing number of Pennsylvanians support taxing gas drillers.

“A lot of issues in Pennsylvania aren’t necessarily Republican versus Democrat, but they tend to be more regional and this is one of those issues. But I think the time has come and I think the people of Pennsylvania have spoken that going beyond just being regional and that the majority of Pennsylvanians want to see a fair severance tax being brought forward.”

The proposed severance tax on gas drillers in Pennsylvania could raised an estimated 250 million dollars in the fist year. Governor Wolf believes it’s time to do what every other state is doing and access a gas tax on drillers.

“Our proposed gas tax would actually be lower than West Virginia and Oklahoma.”

The Governor is confident the measure could move forward due to bipartisan support.