Democratic Candidates For Congress Talk Gun Control on WNPV

Democratic candidates for congress in the new 4th district talked about their platforms Thursday on a candidates forum on WNPV.

Shira Goodman is a newcomer to politics, but an expert on gun control, leading Cease Fire Pa. prior to announcing her run for congress. Goodman says the ATF needs to know certain facets about gun sales and to be permitted to share the information it gathers, particularly how guns are getting into Montgomery County and the number of guns that are illegally sold in the county.

“That would be great data for advocates, lawmakers and the public, but ATF is barred, the NRA continues to get these riders voted on and inserted in the budget.”

Montgomery County State Rep, Madeleine Dean says, the NRA simply uses dollars to get what it wants.

“What’s the effectiveness of the NRA, contributing money to legislators, so that they will be beholden to the RNA. We need campaign finance reform.”

Joe Hoeffel, former Montgomery County Commissioner, State Rep and U.S. Congressman says, he was honored the NRA gave him a failing grade and he adds, there is hope on the issue coming out of Florida.

“The Parkland kids got the Florida Legislature to reverse itself and to pass the beginnings of gun safety legislation.”

The forum also covered other topics, including the economy, raising the minimum wage and the current negative political sentiment between Democrats and Republicans. The primary is May 15th.