Property Tax Hike in North Penn School District

The North Penn School Board has approved a proposed final budget for the next school year.

The spending plan totals more than 260 million dollars and includes a 3.4 percent property tax hike, which is about 124 dollars for the average homeowner. School Board Member Jenna Ott voted against the budget. Ott says the proposed tax increase would place a big burden on some members of the community and she needs to consider their interests along with those of students and teachers.

“And that’s what I was elected to do and I do think we need to make a large investment in our district but I can not justify raising above act one without having a real plan in place and being accountable for that.”

The State Act One Index is 2.4 percent. The increase proposed is a full point higher than that because the district received permission from the state to use an index exception for special education costs. Final action on the budget is scheduled for the School Board business meeting on June 21st.