Confronting School Violence

High school shootings in Florida and now Texas have taken 17 lives and injured many others.

The consistent incidents could leave the public with a tendency to avoid talking about the violence as a way to cope with the shootings

“That is not the answer, we have to continue to work hard at this and work with each other and learn from every situation. All of them seem to have a slightly different twist. I know this last one here, the individual took some guns to school that are maybe a little more commonplace.”

North Penn School District Superintendent, Dr. Curt Dietrich says he doesn’t want parents who own guns to get defensive when a situation warrants preventative measures.

“We want parents to understand that in today’s time that if there is a student who is off kilter or in a dark place that they realize that they absolutely can not have access to firearms in their home by that student.”

Dr. Dietrich says, the District always monitors social media for potential threats and urges any students who see or hear something that they feel poses a threat to immediately report it to school officials.