Home Abandoned For 15 Years Subject of Discussion

Towamencin residents that live near a dilapidated house in a residential neighborhood off Green Lane Road are up in arms.

About a dozen of them attended the Township Board of Supervisors meeting last night to raise the red flag about 1501 Sherwood way. Neighboring homeowner Pat O’Brien verbalized some of his concerns about the abandoned house:

“The water level in the basement sometimes gets five foot high and that breeds mosquito populations which carry west Nile and other viruses. The wild animals that around the property that attract rabies and there’s a lot of young children that play on the block.

Township Solicitor Jack Dooley said unique circumstances are in play that have kept the house off the auction block.

“Even tough this house was abandoned, the owner kept paying taxes, so it didn’t go to the Tax Claim Bureau and as far as we can tell when we investigated it previously, he kept paying the mortgage, so the mortgage company didn’t close. So you have an abandoned house deteriorating and yet the typical things that force a sale aren’t happening.”

The Township Supervisors discussed the abandoned house with their solicitor behind closed doors following the meeting.