Macaluso: Positive Changes For Women in The Last Year

The Executive Director of The Women’s Center of Montgomery County, Maria Macaluso says, in reflecting on the last year of events concerning women, the news is good.

Macaluso credits the voting public for supporting more women entering and being successful in politics and cites the Metoo movement for brining attention to sexual assault and harassment.

“It’s been wonderful in reviving a sentiment in women and in men. Lots of their daughters and themselves that if we can all get to his place it’s letting us all see ourselves in a different light as well and saying, I can be me and be strong as any man, I don’t have rely on games and manipulation and I think that’s a wonderful thing to teach women. When I look at pop culture on television, the messaging is that women have to manipulate to get her way. We don’t, we can be straight forward and honest.

Macaluso says, the guilty verdict in the Bill Cosby trial also provided some justice, but she hopes the outcome translates in helping women in other sex assault cases that are not as high profile as the Cosby case.