Bannon: Beware of Door to Door Scammers

It’s the time of year when door to door salesmen and scammers are out to get your money.

Bucks County’s consumer champ advise homeowners to be prepared when someone rings the doorbell.

“We’ve received lots of calls this week about door to door solicitations.”

Mike Bannon, Director of the Bucks County Department of Consumer Protection says, there are scammers and legitimate sales people going door to door.

“Like energy suppliers or cable television service, but we also see the scam contractors coming out with the driveway paving scam or they offer to do some kind of landscaping work. Homeowners need to be very cautious of anyone who knocks on their door. Statistically, we get lots of complaints.”

Bannon, a guest on WNPV’s AM Edition says, scam contractors they usually do some work, collect money and never return to finish the work.