Property Tax Rebate Program Available

The North Penn School District is making it easier for some residents who qualify to pay their property taxes by offering a property tax rebate program.

Steve Skrocki is the Director of Business Administration.

“The state has a property tax rebate program, so individuals that qualify for the state program also qualify through the North Penn program, with one difference, you need to be a property owner. The State also does provide some rebates to renters. So our Board decided for the first year, we’re going to stick to property owners and any rebate that individuals receive from the state, they are eligible to receive up to 25 percent of that rebate through North Penn also.”

Eligibility requirements for the North Penn School District property tax rebate program include, owning a home in the district, 65 years old or older, a widow or widower, aged 50 years or older, permanently disabled and 18 years old or older. There are also salary requirements that provide more of a rebate, depending on income. 35,000 is the highest a residents can earn to be eligible for the program. Anyone interested should call or visit the office of their local legislator.