Expert: Rosanne’s Canceling Rush to Judgment

The popular television show Rosanne was canceled after the show’s star, Rosanne Barr, made a racist Tweet about Valerie Jarret, who was the Director of the Office of Pubic Engagement and Intergovernmental Afairs during the Obama Administration and a Senior Advisor to the President.

New York City based, Reputation Management expert, Ryan McCormick, was a guest on WNPV’s AM Edition Wednesday.

“The comment she Tweeted was clearly wrong, but with a show of this magnitude that was taking on controversial subjects in a classy and sensitive manner, ABC should have given her an opportunity to apologize and the move forward. It was a rush to judgment in my estimation. ABC’s responsibility is to its stock holders and the show was performing well. The show also covered the subject of transgender. Rosanne’s grandson in the show was a cross-dresser and they did it in a respectful type manner.

McCormick adds, While Barr apologized for the Tweet, he calls other cable channels hypocritical. McCormick says, episodes of the Cosby Show are still being aired and Cosby was convicted of sexual abuse.