Gale: I Enjoyed My Day at The White House

The rift between President Trump and the Eagles didn’t stop one local elected official from enjoying the replacement ceremony at the White House.

Montgomery County Commissioner Joe Gale was invited to the event called, “Celebration of America.”

“I proudly accepted that invitation and I enjoyed myself there at the White House yesterday.”

While none of the Eagles took a knee during the national anthem last season, Gale supports President Trump’s position that players should stand during the national anthem.

“In my opinion they should be fined and also fired if they don’t have the dignity to stand for the national anthem, that’s a serious problem.”

Philadelphia Inquirer sports columnist, Mike Sielski was also at the White House. He says the controversy started with Colin Kapernick when the former San Francisco 49ers Quarterback began kneeling during the national anthem. Sielski adds, while Kapernick avoided questions, he says two Eagles were front and center concerning the issue.

“The thing that’s made guys like Malcolm Jenkins and Chris Long stand out is that they stand up there and they answer questions abut it and they explain themselves and they take questions from people who may be inclined not to agree with them.”

Sielski and Gale were guests on WNPV’s AM Edition Wednesday