Local Police Chief Weighs in on Opioid Crisis

Naloxone, a drug that reverses a heroin overdose, has been useful in saving lives for Montgomery Township Police.

Police Chief Scott Bendig says the antidote has allowed officers to save lives.

“My last count so far this year is we’re up to six times we had to utilize it. We’re not the highest in the county, but you see it being used consistently on a daily basis by Police departments throughout Montgomery County.”

Bendig says heroin and pain pills, both a part of the opioid crisis, are having another impact on the township.

“We’re seeing an increase in thefts that we haven’t seen over the years. It trended down, now it’s starting to trend back up again.”

Chief Bendig, a guest Wednesday morning on the WNPV Program Legally Speaking, advises any resident who no longer has use for a prescription painkiller, to leave it in the Police Department’s drop box.