McILhinney Favors E-Commerce For Liquor Sales

More e-commerce seems to be the way going forward for the state’s liquor system to better serve the public.

Bucks County State Senator Chuck McILhinney says consumers becoming more comfortable with technology to make purchases.

“We have roughly 600 or so stores trying to serve 12 million people in Pennsylvania and to try to continue push more brick and mortar stores out there is that may or may not be so profitable, probably not the right course of action for us to do.”

McILhinney, who agrees with the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board in its efforts to increase sales through e-commerce. McILhinney says, same-day service through the growth of technology will open up options and it’s something his constituents have told him they favor. E-commerce is a small piece of the $2.5 billion in overall annual alcohol sales. Coming in at 2.5 million. The Board is hoping its projections will see e-commerce increase to about 750 million dollars over the next 10 years.