20th Annual Schuylkill Sojourn

A flotilla of watercraft will pass Norristown and Bridgeport. The dozens of canoes and kayaks are part of the 20th Annual Schuylkill Sojourn, a seven day journey covering more than 100 miles of the waterway between Schuylkill County and Philadelphia.

The idea behind the event is to raise awareness about the river. Pottstown resident John Wolf says for him it’s all about the camaraderie.

“We usually have between 105 and 120 people on the water at one time. There’s always new people coming on-board you can help with and to get to know and learn a little bit about them.”

First timer Dean Bauer says the journey has taught him how to handle himself on the water.

“You know, going through all the rapids and features and stuff, which I was always kind of afraid of, but I think my skills have gotten better, just in these five days so I’m confident.”

The sojourners will spend tonight in West Conshohocken before wrapping up their journey at boathouse row in Philadelphia.