Montco. Offers Suicide Prevention Hotline

Anna Trout is the Crisis and Diversion Director with the Montgomery County Office of Mental Health.

Trout says, the county offers a 24 hour hotline for people who are feeling depressed and who may be thinking about suicide. Trout says, there are several warning signs.

“Feeling like a burden to others and if they’re talking about not being able to do it anymore, so they are the verbal clues. There are also behaviors and changes in behavior. Maybe they are starting to make arraignments for things that seem a little out of place. You know, they may say, can you take care of my dog if I’m not around anymore or they seem more hopeless than usual or unexplained irritability or someone who never had interest in a gun before then all of a sudden go out and by one.”

Trout says the County’s Mobile Crisis Support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week at 1-855-634-4673. Kate Spade and Anthony Bordain, two high profile people in their fields, recently ended their lives.