Township Takes Action on Abandoned Home

Towamencin officials have taken steps to alleviate a hazardous situation in a residential neighborhood off Green Lane Road.

They’ve boarded up the abandoned house at 1501 Sherwood Way and mowed the lawn there. About a dozen neighboring homeowners attended a Township Board of Supervisors meeting last month to raise the red flag about several feet of stagnant water in the basement and the raccoons living inside. Township Solicitor Jack Dooley told many of those same residents last night that the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue still has a significant lien against the property.

“Because that still exists, I have written to the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue and to put this on the tax claim bureau’s radar to get the property sold at tax sale and they have the ability to do that.”

Neighbors of the abandoned house say it has been deteriorating for about 15-years and last night they raised concerns again about the possibility of a rabid raccoon attacking children that play nearby.