Police Chief Urges Safety During Hot Days

The first heat advisory hits the region before summer officially starts on Thursday, and with the oppressive heat comes the basic precautions.

Lansdale Borough Police Chief Mike Trail says, it’s never a good idea to leave children unattended in a vehicle at anytime, but especially on hot days. Trial says, the same goes for pets in a vehicle, even for the shortest amount of time. In additional to those safety precautions, Trail says, if you have a vehicle or vehicles around your home, make sure they’re locked.

“If you have a vehicle outside your property and the kids are playing, make sure the doors are locked. On days where the mercury soars kids could get in a car and not know how to get out and then you could have a tragedy. We, by all means, want to avoid something that can be prevented by simply locking the doors of your car.”

Trail also asks residents to check in on their elderly neighbors to make sure they’re air conditioning is working or they have a fan.