Rafferty: Better Coordination Needed on Pipeline

Montgomery County State Senator John Rafferty with fellow lawmakers in the State Senate have passed a resolution concerning the Sunoco Mariner East 2 pipeline, which is designed to deliver gas liquids from Western Pa. and Ohio to the Southeastern region of the state.

While the Public Utility Commission has permitted Sunoco Mariner 1 to continue, it has halted Mariner 2 pipeline construction. Rafferty says it’s a disaster waiting to happen with a lot of confusion between agencies.

“When emergency situations have happened, wells have collapsed, sink holes, our state agencies aren’t communicating with one another and you often run into the difficulty of hearing, it’s not us it’s them. You have PUC involved, you have DEP involved and some instances you have DCNR involved. Even for the local municipalities, to try to get information from someone is most difficult.”

A resolution passed by the Senate Environmental Resources and Energy Committee would establish a new commission to recommend safety and oversight guidance. Residents in areas of Delaware County have raised deep concerns after finding out that pipeline will go through their yards.