Skippack Businessman Congressional Candidate

Republican candidate for the new 4th District Congressional seat in Montgomery County, Dan David says, he views President Trump on individual issues.

One of the issues David aggress with is President Trump’s position on trade.

“This is the only President who has put forth some solutions to fight back. Saying pretty please and stop doing that is not working.”

David, who has worked in international business for the last 30 years says, something has to be done about China’s illegal activities in the stock market and its financial fraud that has drained Americans of their money through bogus companies. David says, the legal system involving the U.S. and China is frustrating and unfair, particularly when trying to retrieve funds lost to those fraudulent Chinese companies.

“You can’t win in court in China, but they sue me here all the time.”

David, a guest on WNPV’s Comment Please By Univest Tuesday, was interviewed for the documentary, The China Hustle.