Former INS Agent Weighs in on Border Problem

While the situation in Texas over separated families who have come over the border has simmered down with the signing of a Trump Administration executive order, Michael Cutler, a retired INS agent, who spent 30 years enforcing the nation’s immigration laws, is not on-board with what’s happening now.

Cutler was a guest on WNPV’s Comment Please By Univest Program Wednesday.

“The immigration system is the most effective and efficient system this side of FeDEx and UPS. Now what does it deliver, an unlimited supply of cheap, exploitable labor and not just the bottom rung jobs, but high tech workers. Then Goodlatte bill would increase the number of high tech visas by 55,000. How many Americans have lost their jobs to Indian computer programmers, while Mr. Goodlatte would like to add 55,000 more visas every year to the United States.”

Cutler adds, the nation also needs more ICE agents patrolling the border. He says the ranks of ICE agents in the U.S. is far below the threshold to effectively track illegal aliens and send them back to the their country of origin.