NP School Board Passes Budget with Tax Hike

Property taxes are on the way up in the North Penn School District. The School Board Thursday night took final action on a budget for the next school year that includes a 3.4 percent property tax hike, which comes out to about 124 dollars for the average homeowner.

School Board Member Juliane Ramic voted against the budget.

“For me it was really the tax increase to the maximum and just the burden that it places on residents without having a way of addressing it. We do have a tax rebate program for seniors that is absolutely fantastic, but for me, it was really other low income individuals in the district that I have the greatest concern for.”

Three other School Board Members voted against the budget. They were Board Vice President Ed Diasio, Jenna Ott and Terry Prykowski. Diasio is also the Chair of the District Finance Committee.