Castor: Krasner Should Have Followed The Law

Outraged family members of Sergeant Robert Wilson III and the union that represents Philadelphia Police officers were stunned that brothers, Ramone Williams and Carlton Hipps, did not receive the death penalty.

The Controversy over the life sentences for the two brothers, who murdered Philadelphia Police Sergeant Robert Wilson III during an armed robbery in March of 2015, was the subject of discussion Tuesday morning on WNPV’s AM Edition. Former Montgomery County D.A. and Attorney General, Bruce Castor says he would have followed the law, unlike Philadelphia D.A. Larry Krasner, who asked for and got life sentences.

“I would have sought the death penalty for two reasons. Obviously, it’s the law of Pennsylvania and if you don’t like the law of Pennsylvania, you change it, but you have to enforce it. The second thing and more practical problem is, and I don’t understand how it happened in this case, if there’s no death penalty, why would guys like this plead guilty. That part baffles me. I Can’t understand why anyone’s lawyers would let them plead guilty when the worse thing that could happen is they could get life sentences plus long prison terms for the other felonies.”

Castor was a guest on WNPV’s AM Edition Tuesday morning. Sergeant Robert Wilson III entered a game shop to buy his son a birthday present when he encountered Ramone Williams and Carlton Hipps. The brothers were robbing the store when Sergeant Wilson confronted them and was shot multiple times.