Brouillette: Next State Budget Will Be Difficult

The Pa. State budget of 32.7 billion dollars has been signed by Governor Wolf.

Commonwealth Partners Chamber of Entrepreneurs President and C.E.O., Matt Brouillette says it’s been a long time since the budget was finished before the June 30th deadline. Brouillette, a guest on the WNPV program, Regarding Your Money with George Toth Tuesday morning, calls it a case of kicking the can down the road.

“We can start with Medicaid. They are going to have to find another billion dollars just to fill that hole. Other increasing costs include pensions, those continue to rise. We’re spending billions on those payments. We have debt payments that are coming up because of how they did some barrowing in the current fiscal year budget. You’re going to have a number of things come due. Whether it’s Governor Wolf or Scott Wagner, if he should win in November, they are going to be dealing with a significant budget challenge.”

Brouillette adds, the budget easily passed this year because he says Governor wolf and a large number of members in the State Legislature are up for reelection and don’t want to be bogged down in a negative budget fight that would also take time away from their campaigns.