Major Drug Bust Nets Large Amount of Fentanyl

Law enforcement officials in Montgomery County have dismantled a drug ring that distributed large amounts of cocaine, methamphetamine, marijuana and the deadly narcotic Fentanyl.

District Attorney Kevin Steele announced the arrest of the major players at a Thursday afternoon news conference in Norristown.

“The five experienced criminals who we just arrested were pedaling a significant amount of poison on Montgomery, Berks and Lehigh Counties. These men we dealing in death. The delivering the poison that has fueled the addictions and overdoses that affected so many people in Montgomery County.”

Steele says kingpin David Cooper was arrested outside his home earlier this month while he was in the middle of drug deal involving Fentanyl:

“Cooper saw the arriving Police and detectives and abandoned his infant son, running to the nearby woods in an attempt to evade arrest. Law enforcement took Cooper into custody approximately two hours later without incident.”

Almost 200 grams of deadly Fentanyl as well as a loaded gun were seized during the arrest. Cooper also faces child endangerment charges. He as well as the other four major players of the drug ring are being held at Montgomery County prison unable to make bail. About 20 lower level dealers in the crime organization faces drug charges too.