Man Charged with Possession of Explosives

Bucks County D.A. Matt Weintraub says bomb making chemicals and four explosive devices were confiscated Thursday in Milford Township.

Investigators were led to the home of 30 year old David Surman Jr., where the evidence was discovered, according to Weintruab. He described the explosives that were found on the property on Old Bethlehem Pike.

“This sucker right here from stem to stern is over 18 inches in length. It had four fuses all twirled together and was ready to be detonated. I am very very relieved and grateful to able to come you in a case where a crime of violence has been alleged, but the perpetrator, this defendant, David Surman Jr., was captured before any harm was done to any person and before any lives were lost.”

Weintraub adds, Police also converged on a small chemical business Surman owns near his home. The investigation continues to determine if Surman is responsible for setting off explosives in Bucks County over the last several months.