Bucks County’s Top M.D. Weighs in On Heat

Protecting yourself from dangerous temperatures continues to be the message from medical officials, especially if you work outdoors.

The top medical official in Bucks County is Dr. Dave Damsker, who says the most vital key to staying safe in the heat is liquid intake.

“If you’re outside in these temperatures for long periods you have to keep drinking water. Even if you don’t want to drink anymore and it may make you have to go to the bathroom a lot, but it’s the key to keeping your body cool and allows you to sweat. When you stop sweating, it’s a sign of potential heat stroke.”

Damsker add in Bucks County six senior centers will stay Open extra hours for seniors.

“If you don’t have air conditioning or know an elderly person who is without the vital resource, try to get them to one a senior center where air conditioning is available.”

Dr. Damsker is the Director of the Bucks County Health Department.