Filling Up at The Pump Still Costly

The price at the pump last summer was far different and made drivers much happier. Fast forward one year later and the price for a gallon of gas has consumers longing for a return of more fuel friendly prices.

The price at the pump has a current national average of 2.85 per gallon.

“That’s about 63 cents higher than last year when prices where 2.22. Pennsylvania has a statewide average is on the cusp of reaching that ugly three dollar a gallon mark where will were for Memorial Day weekend, and that’s also about 60 cents higher than last year when it was 2.41. All things considered, not a terrific July 4th at least when it comes to filling up your tank.” petroleum analyst Patrick DeHann blames it on lower inventories of oil in the U.S. and production cuts by OPEC. DeHann was a guest on WNPV’s AM Edition.