U.S.D.A Offers Food Safety Tips

The U.S.D.A. offers some reminders for anyone preparing food for a cookout during the summer months.

Marianne Gravely, a food expert with the U.S.D.A. says a study carried out by the U.S.D.A. shows that people preparing food for a cookout didn’t properly clean their hands 97 percent of the time. Gravely adds, that leads to cross contamination when bacteria spreads from one food item to another.

“In our study when we did a sampling of the kitchen we found bacteria 48 percent of the time ob the spice containers that they use to make their meal, we found bacteria on the handle of the refrigerator and even in the salad they prepared. Hand washing, running your hands under water for 20 seconds using soap and then use a towel to dry your hands off properly.”

Gravely also says, it’s important to follow the procedure of clean, separate, cook and chill, which can also prevent cross contamination. Gravely, a guest on WNPV’s AM Edition this week, says it’s vitally important to use a food thermometer to make sure food is cooked to the point where it’s safe to eat. Statistics from the U.S.D.A. show that 48 million Americans get sick every year from food illnesses and 3,000 people die.