Conserving Energy During Intense Heat

Brutally hot temperatures and the heat index will begin to ease off as the weekend approaches.

PECO Energy’s Kristina Pappas offers some tips to save energy and keep comfortable as homes retain the heat from the recent heat wave.

“Make sure rugs and couches or any furniture is not blocking any air or fans. Obviously if there’s a blockage you’re not going to be feeling the air the way you should be, so make sure the vents are clear and fans have a clear path to provide air to the home.”

Pappas also recommends closing blinds and if you’re not going to be home for an extended period of time, simply turn-off your air conditioning or use the economy feature that comes with most wall units or central air, which shuts off the air for short periods of time and then restarts to maintain a cool temperature throughout your home. Pappas was a guest this week on WNPV’s AM Edition.