No Bids For Lansdale’s Skate Park Project

The skate park project at Fourth Street Park in Lansdale hits a snag.

The deadline for submitting bids passed last week but no contractors stepped forward to put a proposal on the table. Borough Council Member Leon Angelichio is stunned.

“I understand the level of skill needed and it’s not just popping in a sidewalk. There are very specific requirements for these types of things to happen and while that may diminish the pool of perspective contractors, I can’t believe that nobody responded, but we’ll re-advertise.”

Borough Council President Denton Burnell says the lack of interest could delay the start of the project until next spring.

“We’ve got to do a minimum 30 to 45 day re-bid process. Then we’ve got to review those bids. Then Council would ultimately have to award those bids. We’ll be in September or even later than that before that even happens.”

Borough officials had hoped to have the skate park ready for use before the end of this year.