Dean: It’s Time For Decency in D.C.

State Rep. Madeleine Dean, a candidate for Montgomery County’s new 4th District Congressional seat in November, doesn’t want to be labeled within the Democratic party.

Dean says she believes in American values of inclusiveness and a list of other guarantees for American citizens.

“Civil rights for all, economic justice for all, the education of our children in an equitable way. Call me progressive, call me a Democrat, but someone who values giving everybody opportunities to become their best self and to do what my parents wanted for us, which was, get an education and get worthwhile work.”

Dean says the parties are clearly polarized, and she adds, President Trump’s behavior is allowing it to continue.

“His willingness to say such mean spirited things. Others unfortunately come to that table. One of the reasons I’m running is to say enough of that and that we actually need to be problem solvers who want to work with decency, who want to talk civilly, regardless of their party, regardless of their ethnicity, their gender. We need to be thoughtful, descent problem solvers.”

Dean, a guest on WNPV’s Comment Please by Univest Wednesday says if elected, she will work with her colleagues on the other side of aisle in a thoughtful manner.