Towamencin to Pass on Farmland Preservation

Towamencin officials are saying thanks but no thanks to take part in the preservation of almost 67-acres of agricultural land in the Township.

Montgomery County Farmland Preservation Administrator Danielle Dobisch was at the Board of Supervisors meeting Wednesday night looking for the Township to commit 15-percent of the yet undisclosed purchase price of development easements that would guarantee two farms would remain in agricultural use in perpetuity. Dobisch is disappointed by the Township’s decision to seek a waiver from participation in the Farmland Preservation Program.

“But at the same time they do have a lot of land in the Township that is preserved and this is the first time that we have really made the push to ask for them to share.”

While declining participation in the program, the Township Supervisors indicated they have nothing against farmland preservation. Supervisor Rich Marino said he likes the idea but the funds are just not there.