Drug Dependency Often Begins Following Surgery

The Penn Foundation, based in Sellersville, is one of the staging points in fighting the opioid crisis.

Melissa, a guest on WNPV’s Comment Please By Univest Thursday, talked about how she, like many others, share the same story of how dependency started with a particular painkiller.

“I broke my leg when I was 19 and I needed surgery and after the surgery they prescribed me percocets for almost a year. After that they would prescribe the monthly to me and then eventually I think y doctor saw that I was becoming dependent on them and then he kind of cut me off. From there, I thought where am I going to get them now. So I started searching them out on my own. I was really sick at one point from withdraw and my daughter noticed and said mommy what’s wrong. I told her I wanted to kill myself. After I starting feeling better I thought how could I say that to my daughter. I got the courage up to seek help about a month later because I love my children.”

Melissa received help through a Penn Foundation program, which involved therapy. The Penn Foundation’s Gordon Hornig says there’s no sugar coating the death and destruction caused by the opioid crisis.

“We have a lot of work to do to still work on the preventive end. We’re still moving toward, unfortunately, some tough times, but maybe with some changes, we’ll start seeing the light.”

Gordon Hornig, also a guest on WNPV’s Comment Please By Univest Thursday, is the Director for Mobile Engagement Services at the Penn Foundation.