Residents Reach Out to Hotline on Addictions

A hotline for Pennsylvania residents seeking drug and alcohol treatment services is working.

The Get Help Now hotline continues to receive a high volume of calls.

“Over 30,000 calls have been received by the helpline and that’s an incredible number of people are either calling on their behalf or on behalf of a family member or friend who need to access to treatment in as quick as a manner as possible.”

Ellen DiDomenico, Acting Deputy Secretary for the Department of Drug and Alcohol programs says the hotline started two years ago. DiDomenico adds, anyone calling the hotline can receive immediate help.

“The individuals, when they answer that call line, and have someone say I think I’m ready to make the move, U think I’m ready to start my journey, I’m ready to start my recovery, they will stay on the line with that individual, while they connect to a specific appropriate treatment resource and stay on the line until an appointment is given, so there is not an opportunity for folks to fall through the cracks at that moment.”

The Get Help Now hotline number is 1-800-662-HELP