A.G. Keeping Close Eye on Nursing Homes

The State Attorney General’s Office, after the passage of State Act 53, can go after abuse cases at nursing homes and continuing care facilities.

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro says prosecutions have already been carried out with regard to the law in Philadelphia, Erie County and Berks County.

“In the past, if a nurse or caretaker actually abused a senior citizen, we couldn’t prosecute. Now we’re in a position, by having the authority vested in my office, we can best protect seniors across Pennsylvania.”

Shapiro says while his office could always investigate neglect and now abuse, those who own nursing homes in Pennsylvania are also on his radar.

“While I certainly can’t get into any specifics, I can say we are actively investigating a number of those scenarios and situations.”

Shapiro was a guest on WNPV’s Comment Please By Univest Friday afternoon