DePasquale: Pa. Needs Revenue From Marijuana

The debate continues throughout the state concerning the legalization of the recreational use of marijuana. Auditor General Eugene DePasquale recently announced the release of a report over then issue.

Pennsylvania would earn vital tax revenue of more than 580 million dollars a year from recreational marijuana, according to DePasquale. In the report, Regulating and Taxing Marijuana, DePasquale says Pa. should move forward with legalization because the financial benefits can’t be denied.

“The longer we wait to do this and the more other state’s go down this path, the more Pennsylvania will be a follower. I think we are in a prime position to be a leader on this issue. But longer we wait the more likely we’re gong to be a follower, because let me tell you something the train is pulling out of the station.”

The report also shows over 8 percent of Pennsylvania adults, nearly 800 thousand people use marijuana at least once a month.