Community, Feds Discuss Contaminated Water

The Federal Environmental Protection Agency Wednesday held a public forum at Hatboro-Horsham High School about the chemicals that were used to fight fires at the old Willow Grove Naval Air Station as well as other military bases nationwide.

The dangerous pollutants found their way into the drinking water. Warrington Township Supervisor Vice Chair Fred Gaines put a proposition on the table.

“I propose that the Federal Government reimburse Warrington Township the capital cost for the additional treatment systems necessary to treat our water supply system for the removal of these compounds and at present there is no scientifically agreed upon standard for the maximum acceptable limit of these compounds in drinking water.”

Horsham Township is also bearing the cost of the public health crisis. State Representative Todd Stephens is a life long Horsham resident.

“The Federal Government caused this water contamination, so let me be clear. Neither Horsham Township residents, Horsham Township itself nor the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania should bear the cost to clean it up or for the health precautions necessary to protect ourselves and our families.”

Other residents of the area told Federal Regulators about their bouts with cancer that they blame upon drinking the contaminated water.