Home Construction 2nd Highest in Five Years

According to Montgomery County’s 2017 Housing Units Built Report, 1,964 housing units were constructed in 2017 throughout Montgomery County.

Dan Farina, County Planner with the Montgomery County Planning Commission says it’s the second highest number of home construction units and nonresidential development in the last five years.

“What is probably good about building more and catching up to where we weren’t building during the recession, is that we’re building new homes to enter the market that existing homes can open back up. Unfortunately, what has happened though is that so many more people, in general, are looking for a home than they were five years ago and that has put a strain on the existing housing market. Some homes are sold the same day they go on the market.”

In 2017, nonresidential construction completed in montgomery county also showed the second highest amount within the last five years. The combined construction has an estimated taxable property value of approximately 318 million dollars.