Shapiro Sends Letter to Pope For Help

State Attorney General Josh Shapiro’s quest to get a grand report released on Catholic clergy sex abuse has extended to the Vatican.

Shapiro sent a letter to Pope Francis Wednesday asking him to intervene in asking church leaders to stop from trying to block the release of the report about sexual abuse in six Catholic Dioceses across Pennsylvania. The State Supreme Court continues to withhold the grand jury report. Shapiro says he has met with numerous victims.

“These victims need to have their truth told. I have spent countless hours with victims of sexual abuse at the hands of clergy in Pennsylvania and their stories are heartbreaking. We deal with some tough stuff everyday, but this wakes me up in the middle of the night. The individuals who committed this abuse and those who covered it up need to be held accountable and the public needs to know all the facts. We continue to investigate abuse and have made arrests and filed charges. Two Franciscan Friars plead guilty not too long ago in terms of their roles of covering up sex abuse.”

Shapiro was a recent guest on WNPV’s Comment Please By Univest. Lawyers for former and current clergy named in the report say the release of the grand jury report would be a violation of their constitutional rights. Church officials have denied impeding the release of the report.