Farm Protected From Development

Another farm is now safe from development in Montgomery County after officials release information concerning the Hemsley Farm being added to an increasing number of farms permanently preserved under the Montgomery County Farmland Preservation Program.

The County’s Farmland Preservation Porgram Administrator Danielle Dobisch says the Hemsley Farm in Lower Salfrdd Township is one of more than 160 to be perseved since 1990.

“The farm was preserved with funds from the 1 million dollars dedicated to preservation by the Montgomery County Commissioners and a contribution of more than 77,000 from Lower Salford Township. There will be six more farms preserved from the 2017 round because of the additional funding provided from the county. When a farm is perserved the development rights are purchsed by the county, whihc only allows for farming on the property.”

The Hemsley Farm, a 30-acre hay farm, located in Lower Salford Township, is owned by Donald F. Hemsley.